About Us

Whether large or small, hosting an event takes a lot of time, energy, coordination, and vision. Where you choose to host your event can make the experience a phenomenal one or one laden with challenges. We at G50 Lofts make your event, our event. We believe in giving you the best personalized service possible so that your experience is nothing less than excellent. We also offer a variety of event equipment rentals- ask to see our catalog if you are interested. 

In addition to our loft space rentals, we offer additional rental spaces:

  • Photo Studio 
  • Live Recording Studio 
  • Band Rehearsal Studio 

G – Perfection 
The Letter G in G50 stands for perfection. Perfection is what we at G50 Productions strive for in every single wedding or event, whether the tasks is big or small perfection is our ultimate goal so that every clients will leave with the biggest smiles on their faces.

5- Balance   The number 5 in G50 stands for Balance. Behind every successful event is a team willing and determined to carry out tasks with positive energy that has a way of spreading to our clients. With a balance of hard work, positive energy, and effective well-planned execution,  yields great results! 

0- Limitless Potential

The number 0 in G50 stands for Limitless Potential. With Perfection and Balance the possibilities are limitless. We want your day to be unique to you. We want your guests to leave saying “Man! That was amazing!” Let our experienced staff make it happen for you!

G50 Lofts and Studios are open! Please learn more about our COVID-19 Policy.
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